It has come to Barrett Tax Law’s attention that Ms. Irene Beilstein, a woman who likely has ties to Fiscal Arbitrators and Demara Consulting, has started a new tax preparation corporation known as Evident Tax Alternatives.

Evident Tax Alternatives appears to be providing improper advice to Canadian taxpayers.

If you are contacted by Evident Tax Alternatives or by Ms. Irene Beilstein, please be aware and take the appropriate steps to protect yourself. It is probable that Evident Tax Alternatives or Ms. Beilstein got your information directly from Fiscal Arbitrators and/or Demara Consulting and is contacting you because you used their services in the past.

The Canada Revenue Agency, and the Canadian government might not be looking out for your best interests, but we are.

Give us a call at 1-877-8-TAX-TAX (829-829) and we can explain what is legal, and what is not when it comes to your taxes.